1. Payment for Products ordered through SELEBO STORE may be made through one of the following methods:
• Cash on delivery (COD);
• Online payment via international payment card (VISA/MASTER).
SELEBO STORE will not be responsible for credit card fraud.
2. SELEBO STORE may change the payment method by which payment for Orders on SELEBO STORE may be affected and such changes will be communicated to the Customer via email or notice on the site. web/app of SELEBO STORE.
3. If the Customer has paid for the Order but the Order is rejected by the SELEBO STORE or canceled by the Customer before the SELEBO STORE has packaged the Products, the Customer will be refunded. However, when you receive your refund will depend on how long it takes your bank to process the refund. SELEBO STORE will not be liable for any loss, damage, or expense suffered by you or any other individual as a result of delay in processing a bank refund. your.
4. Payment security: Online payment system provided by payment gateway partners that have been licensed to operate legally in Vietnam. SELEBO STORE and its payment gateway partners are committed to strictly implementing the necessary security measures for payment operations performed when Customer uses SELEBO STORE.