1. Conditions

  • Products purchased online at Selebostore
  • Products are purchased within seven (7) days from the date of receipt by the Customer (based on the postal or shipping stamp).
  • The product is in its original unused condition, full stamps, labels, correct quantity and packaging along with relevant documents including Purchase Order, payment documents and delivery of Products
  • Defective product due to manufacturer
  • The Products delivered are not in accordance with the Products ordered by the Customer

2. In case of not applicable Exchange – Return

  • Used products
  • Products not  sold by Selebostore
  • User defects, in addition to those caused by the manufacturer.
  • Products in the liquidation program are not eligible for return

3. Exchange – Return method

  • The exchanged goods must be equal to or higher than the original product.
  • In case, the product has a higher value than the original purchase, please pay the difference.
  • The difference will not be refunded in case the exchanged product has a lower value than the original product.

4. How to exchange – return new products

Option 1: Return products directly at Selebostore

Option 2: Return products by mail

  • Step 1: Call the 0973982767 switchboard  or  message via the chat box on the website/application, or email Selebostore
  • Step 2: Send the product to  the address of Selebostore Store (indicated on the order). Customers should pay attention to confirm with the shipping service unit about the status of the Products before shipping to ensure that the Products meet the conditions specified in this Return Policy.
  • Step 3: Selebostore sends new products (after receiving returns) or refunds to customers.

5. Notes

  • Receipt and processing time within two (02) days from the time Selebostore receives the Products requested for return.
  • In the event that Selebostore  is unable to contact the Customer due to incorrect contact information, Selebostore shall not be liable for any damages or losses suffered by the Customer.
  • The Customer is responsible for the risk and condition of the returned Products until the Products reach Selebostore.
  • Selebostore will not be liable for any loss or damage to Products before they reach Selebostore.  
  • The Customer should pack the Products carefully to prevent damage or loss of the Products or their boxes or packaging.

Refund Policy at Selebostore

Methods & Refund Time

+ Payment method in cash on delivery (COD):

  • Refund via bank transfer to account: from seven (7) to fourteen (14) days (except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) from the date the refund is confirmed by Selebostore

+ Payment method via bank card:

  • Refund to Customer’s e-wallet: from7 (7) to fourteen  (14) days (except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) from the date the refund is confirmed by Selebostore. 


When the customer receives a refund will depend on the processing time of the refund by the customer’s bank.